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Unexpected winter trip to France

France-05 We decided the night before to go see a Butterfly garden close to Bern (Switzerland). Got ready rather early (ok not really but for us 11am is achievement) and sat in the car. Typed the location in our TomTom and hit the road. I had a hunch after like 30 minutes that something about our route was wrong but kept my mouth shut cuz i didn’t wanna seem all bossy and responsible.
So we drove and drove and got to Basel. France-07 Yep Basel – the city that is in Switzerland, France and Germany. And we kept on driving just like the TomTom lady advised us. Just… well all the signs turned French and it said Paris and Strasbourg on them very often. Oh and the rain was pouring. After driving about 30 min on the French highway (without paying any tool or tax – France-14 still don’t know if there is any but usually nothing is for free) we all figured out that we were not going where we intended to go. We stopped on the gas station, checked the map and yep… wrong butterfly garden :) By this time we were just like 30 minutes away from the wrong destination and at least 2 hours away from the right one. So we figured lets go and see the french one.

We France-28 took the highway exit somewhere after we passed the city called Colmar. The area was all flat and rural. We passed through many little villages and it didn’t look like we were going to find a big greenhouse there. As we didn’t. France-31 But we did find a closed little butterfly garden (works only in the summer) and some amazing little villages. So picturesque and beautiful. Little houses in all the different colors but none sticking out in a bad way. Arched driveways, corn hanging in the barns, cats following the newcomers, old church on top of the hill surrounded by vineyards. France-25 It doesn’t get much more nostalgic and romantic than that. And if you mix that feeling with the sweet intoxicating taste of local Pinot and a bite of local flammkuchen you get a life-lasting memory of a beautiful little secret place that you once found by accident. As most beautiful things usually happen – unplanned and unexpected. France-30 That day spent wondering through the villages of the Alsace wine route was a day to remember.

These photos were also a first real test of my new Canon EOS 500d body with the 18-200mm lens. It was set on automatic ISO so some photos are quite noisy. But overall for such a cloudy foggy day not bad…

Google maps link to the village we visited -> Hunawihr.

And more photos which could honestly use more post-processing effort from my side.

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  1. very very kewl….3 thumbs up

  2. Josipa Cvelic Jan 29th 2010

    wouldnt be so without our excellent driver ;) so thanks

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